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Do you have a non English website and wonder how to implement the many rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  on your webpages? Also, did you use special code to change your English Universal Research Locator (URL) to partly reflect in Farsi?

Use of Farsi/Persian utf-8 Character in English URLs

The Internet and all its components are so intelligent and diverse, that it is inevitable not to use other characters such as Persian utf-8 into an URL Everyone has to play by the rules in order to get internet exposure.  Although, utf-8 stands for keyboard.  Yes, Farsi speakers have a unique keyboard to themselves.  Many countries have their own website extension.   By implementing the right SEO rules into a non English website, one can still review that particular website. Before mixing Farsi keywords, its best to set your URL structure to English and then a /subfolder/Farsi-folder-name.  Here are some examples:  Germany=.de; Iran=.ir;  Switzerland=.ch;  England= co.uk;

Alexa Ranking on Persian-Farsi sites

Take a look at some outstanding Persian-Farsi websites on Alexa. Look at their global ranking as well as their national ranking. Each site has done some intensive Farsi SEO.

Other local businesses offer assistance in implementing organic Farsi-SEO to your existing Persian websites.